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Payably Partners with CardConnect to Simplify Mobile Payments for Small Businesses

HOUSTON, TX – Payably™, a FinTech platform offering one of the only mobile payments solutions to integrate data with QuickBooks Online in real time, today announced its partnership with CardConnect®, a leading payment processing and technology company.

Payably will integrate CardConnect’s cutting-edge payment processing technology with its already-existing mobile payments platform. This strategic partnership allows Payably to streamline its merchant services offering by simplifying and speeding up each aspect of the mobile payments process – the initial onboarding (registration and approval), processing payments, and receiving payments. Additionally, this partnership provides Payably with the flexibility to offer competitive card processing rates and increases the level of data security integrated into the platform.

“CardConnect’s recent focus has been on attracting innovative partners and developing our strategic relationships with products like Payably,” said Angelo Grecco, Chief Business Development Officer at CardConnect. “Through these partnerships, we are able to better service our SME customers both directly and indirectly.”

Payably provides small business owners with a platform to accept and process mobile payments, but its core business model is focused on its SaaS-based technology platform that operates on the back end to automatically connect payment transactions with merchants’ accounting platforms and generate business analytics in real time. It eliminates the need for manual data entry in bookkeeping and prevents duplicate entries without requiring business owners to take any additional steps – once the payment is received, the information appears in QuickBooks Online without lag time. Additionally, Payably automatically collects this data to produce up-to-the minute reports on transactional data.

Payably is a FinTech platform that provides mobile payments solutions and real-time data syncing technology to small businesses. The Payably platform includes three offerings: Payably NOW, Payably SYNC and Payably INSIGHT. Payably NOW is a mobile payments app offering competitive card processing rates and state-of-the art data security. Payably SYNC is a SaaS-based technology that integrates transactional data with digital accounting platforms in real time (currently compatible with QuickBooks Online). Payably INSIGHT is a technology that automatically generates receipts, invoices and up-to-the-minute customer analytics reports. Payably’s mission is to streamline the payments and bookkeeping processes for service-based small businesses – allowing them to keep moving and growing their businesses. For more information, visit www.GetPayably.com.

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