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Cyclone Software integrating myPayrazr Gateway, Portal and IVR from BillingTree

Phoenix, AZ - BillingTree®, the leading payment technology and services provider, today announced Account Receivables Management (ARM) specialist Cyclone Software will integrate the myPayrazr Solution Suite into its financial services offering. The integration allows Cyclone clients to utilize the myPayrazr Gateway, Portal and IVR to meet growing technology and compliance expectations. 

Cyclone Software is an accomplished developer and provider of financial software including document management, checking and web reporting solutions for the ARM industry. Once completed, the myPayrazr integration will offer access to BillingTree Merchant Services, including Payment Card and ACH (e-Check) processing.

“We are excited about our new partnership with BillingTree and offering a wider range of payment options and channels to Cyclone clients and its customers,” said Mick Phillips, President at Cyclone Software. “Our clients demand access to the best tools in the industry, and this allows them to meet their evolving business needs for today and in the future.”

“Consumers are requesting more convenient ways to pay. The results of our 2017 ARM Survey found that technology adoption and compliance continue to be key priorities within the ARM industry,” said Greg Mallin, Business Development Director at BillingTree. “We look forward to supporting Cyclone clients, enabling them to accept payments in more ways including how many consumers are comfortable paying today – online and over the phone.”

BillingTree® is the leading provider of integrated payments solutions to the healthcare, ARM and financial services industry verticals. Through its technology-enabled suite of products and services, BillingTree enables organizations to increase efficiency and decrease the costs of payment processing while adhering to compliance regulations. Leveraging more than a decade of market experience, BillingTree is dedicated to growing payments with technology through an integrated omni-channel offering, suite of proprietary products and value-added services, and a Company-wide focus on delivering extraordinary customer service.

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