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TSS Provides Hardware Encryption Support for Mobile Wallet Applications

Charlotte, NC – Trusted Security Solutions, Inc., developers of the A98 ATM Key Management System, now offers support to FI’s and card issuers for hardware encryption surrounding mobile wallet applications.

TSS provides all sub system components and programming for the encryption required by VISA and MasterCard to facilitate the push provisioning requirements for VISA IOS, VISA Android, MasterCard IOS, and Mastercard Android applications. The hardware encryption software is supplied by TSS along with a recommended HSM that is capable of all the encryption capabilities needed by the VISA and MC protocols.

“Many elements involved in the push provisioning encryption requirements for tokenizing cards in mobile applications are similar to symmetric and asymmetric functions our RKL solution performs for remote key loading ATMs.” says Joe Wadlinger, Senior Systems Software Architect for TSS. “We’ve have built a viable subsystem to work with mobile wallet applications. Our solution performs the required encryption, such as TDES CBC, AES CBC and GCM, within the HSM, which provides optimum security for CSRs, symmetric key requests and tokens”.

Trusted Security Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of secure ATM key management solutions and FINTECH cryptographic solutions, is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, For more information please contact info@trustedsecurity.com.

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