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Zenmonics Recieves ABA Endorsement for Digital Account Opening Solution

Charlotte, NC – Zenmonics, a global provider of omnichannel software that supports all channels in a financial institution on a single platform, today announced that it has received the distinguished endorsement from the American Bankers Association (ABA) for its digital account opening solution.

A component of Zenmonics’ channelUNITED® platform, the digital account module enables bank customers to open accounts in minutes using a smartphone, tablet or computer while meeting all compliance requirements.

Key benefits of the solution include:

 More than a point solution, the platform enables banks to originate all of their products seamlessly across both unassisted and assisted channels;

 The solution is compliance-ready, meeting regulatory, ADA and Human Factors usability testing;

 New products can be added in minutes without code changes;

 Built on an open-banking API that allows for real-time booking, with pre-built adaptors to third party fintech providers, certified with core systems and on-premise and cloud deployment options.

“Increasingly, customers have the expectation that they can begin a banking relationship online in minutes, and they expect the user experience to be as good as when they make purchases online,” said ABA SVP Christopher McClinton. “That’s a tall order for banks that have account opening procedures to follow. Zenmonics has cracked that code.”

Zenmonics’ single, omnichannel solution supports both self-service and assisted account origination across online, mobile, branch, kiosk, advisory center, remote workforce and contact center channels. This consistent user experience enhances engagement for both customers opening an account, as well as bank employees assisting those customers.

“We are honored to hold ABA’s sole endorsement for a digital account opening solution,” said Riaz Syed, chief executive officer and founder of Zenmonics. “We are working to continue to be recognized for our user experience expertise, not only for those licensing our solution, but also for our partners engaging us to perform usability studies on their own solutions.”

Charlotte, N.C.-based Zenmonics is a global provider of omnichannel software that supports all channels in a financial institution on a single platform. Zenmonics’ channelUNITED® platform is the leading open standard, omnichannel platform that can be deployed with any core system and spans all self-service and assisted channels to enable complete digital transformation. Zenmonics is committed to transforming the financial industry to ensure financial institutions stay continuously engaged with their customers. To learn more, visit www.zenmonics.com.

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