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Total Armored Car Services, Inc. Taps Morphis Technology to Bring its Growing Smart Safe Business Online

DETROIT, MI — Total Armored Car Services, Inc., Michigan’s only independently owned and operated armored carrier, announced today it has gone live with Dallas, TX based Morphis, Inc.’s, SmartSafeManager platform for its growing smart safe program.

“We chose Morphis as our technology platform because it was more cost-effective and scalable than the systems we were using; plus it gave us the technology boost we needed to take our service offerings to the next level,” says Total Armored Vice President of Operations Dallas Barr. “When my grandfather started this business 43 years ago things were much simpler. Reporting activities were measured in days. The 21st century armored car business is evolving faster than ever before. Our focus today is more oriented to providing our customers end-to-end currency management and logistic services in real-time. Morphis puts Total Armored ahead of that curve.”

As an example, Barr cited Total Armored’s smart safe program that allows merchants to make a virtual cash deposit into their bank account and never leave their store. “Our in store smart safes accept their daily cash deposits and provide provisional credit just as if they had walked into the branch and made the deposit in person. Welcome to the 21st century,” he says.

“We excited about extending the rapid growth of our Smart Safe Program to additional new services offerings as we move forward,” Barr says. “Morphis gives us the flexibility to customize each customers’ experience to their unique needs, which makes us more competitive.”

“We are happy that Dallas and his team are growing their business opportunities and expanding their relationship with Morphis,” said Morphis President Alif Rahman. “The fastest growing segment of the cash-in-transit industry these days is smart safes. And why not? They offer a simple, safe and secure cash handling solution for retailers. We are confident that our reliable and proven SmartSafeManager will help Total Armored and our other customers exploit this hot market opportunity.“

Morphis is the world leader in global currency supply chain management software. The Morphis® enterprise software suite includes modules for CRM, cash forecasting, logistics optimization, asset management, contract management, vendor management, service ticketing management and financial reporting. Morphis offers both on-site licensing and software-as-a-service licensing alternatives to its customers around the world. To learn more, visit www.morphisinc.com.

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