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BAI Announces its New Role-Based Courseware to Streamline Regulatory Training for Financial Services Organizations

CHICAGO, IL – BAI, a nonprofit independent organization that delivers the financial services industry’s most actionable insights, announced its new role-based courseware designed to simplify and accelerate regulatory training for the financial services industry.

BAI developed its role-based courseware to meet a critical need in the financial services industry for cost-effective and time-efficient regulatory training. Historically, regulatory training courses cover each individual regulation as a whole and, on average, employees spend 25 to 30 hours annually to complete a full, mandatory training series. The role-based courses are tailored toward specific job functions within financial services organizations and teach only the relevant information appropriate for that role. BAI’s initial studies indicate that this customized courseware can save users 30 percent in training time.

“In an ever-changing regulatory environment, financial services organizations need a training solution that is effective, targeted and easily digestible to fit their specific needs,” said Karl Dahlgren, managing director for BAI. “BAI understands the importance of ensuring financial services leaders are up-to-date on how regulations impact their day-to-day job, which is why we reimagined our courseware with efficiency and effectiveness in mind.”

The new courses are incorporated into BAI’s existing courseware catalogs for banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and nonbanks and are available to new and existing customers. Currently, role-based courses are available for mortgage origination, frontline and consumer lending roles with additional roles in development. BAI’s role-based courseware is available in addition to with hundreds of regulation-based courses to meet the needs of the financial services leaders and help move the industry forward.

As a nonprofit, independent organization, BAI delivers the financial services industry’s most actionable insights, enabling leaders to make smart business decisions every day. We’re passionate about the trusted information and powerful tools that provide leaders with the clarity and confidence needed to drive positive change and move the financial services industry forward. For more information, visit www.bai.org.

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