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Morris County National Bank Successfully Converts to IBT’s Innovative Core Platform

CEDAR PARK, TX - Integrated Bank Technology (IBT), a leading core provider, announces that Morris County National Bank of Naples, Texas, has chosen them as their new core provider for their innovative technology and stability in the marketplace, and has successfully converted them onto the IBT core platform.

As one of IBT’s first image processing customers, Morris County National Bank has had the advantage of seeing IBT grow and progress throughout their almost 20 years together. So, when the time came for them to reassess their core platform, it was relevant for them to included IBT in their exploration of possible core providers.

“When comparing different core companies, everyone we spoke to during the due diligence process said that IBT is the most innovative core provider in the marketplace, and as a core client we would have a lot to look forward to regarding their product offerings," stated Walter Cox, Jr., President of Morris County National Bank. "Our bank wants to grow; we want to be relevant in the industry. We chose to go with IBT because they seem to be the most progressive and stable core provider out there. They are the better platform for our bank's future success."

The partnership IBT has with their clients continues to be a driving force for them. In today's marketplace, IBT stands amongst the rest as a progressive company who leverages the advancements in technology to grow their products, strengthening their partnering banks. "We consider our clients' opinions, and we listen to what they want. We are continually looking for ways to drive costs down by using the advancements in technology to progress our products and provide our customers with the most innovative solutions," stated Mark Dittman, IBT CEO.

When asked what to expect in the coming year from IBT, Dittman stated, "IBT will continue to deliver technology our clients can use to disrupt and succeed in their market. We will continue to evolve our products as the best industry solutions and drive margin for our clients."

Cedar Park, Texas-based, Integrated Bank Technology (IBT) is a core processing partner to community banks and develops a powerful, integrated suite of robust banking applications exemplifying the next generation of processing and data management solutions for financial institutions. For more information, visit www.ibtapps.com.

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