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Report: Acquirers Struggling to Raise Merchant Compliance Rates

ATLANTA, GA - ControlScan, a leader in managed security and compliance solutions that help secure networks and protect payment card data, has released a new research report detailing findings from its most recent payments industry survey of acquirers, ISOs, processors and payment facilitators.

The 2018 ControlScan/MAC Acquiring Trends Survey, which is an annual collaboration between ControlScan and the Merchant Acquirers’ Committee (MAC), found that 38 percent of respondents tracking portfolio compliance rates either saw these rates decrease or remain the same in 2017. Decreasing or flatlining portfolio compliance rates are a red flag, indicating that one or more PCI program issues must be addressed.

“Many ISOs and acquirers have succeeded in getting their merchants PCI compliant to begin with, but we were surprised to learn that so many of those same merchants are falling back out of compliance,” said Chris Bucolo, Director of Market Strategy, ControlScan. “Ongoing communication about security and compliance is critical as the merchant relationship progresses.”

According to the survey report, 67 percent of those who saw a decreased portfolio compliance rate in the last year said their merchants were initially compliant, but did not revalidate annually thereafter. In addition, one-third blamed falling compliance rates on increasing requirements under the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).

Roughly 95% of acquirers and other risk-bearing payments entities currently have a formal PCI compliance program in place. The 2018 ControlScan/MAC Acquiring Trends Survey supports an ongoing effort to understand and share PCI compliance program best practices among payments industry stakeholders.

“We’ve gathered seven years’ worth of data on acquirers’ PCI programs, including who has them, their goals and achievements, and how they’re administered,” said Bucolo. “Gathering this data over time has allowed us to follow trends and share insights into what we’re seeing out there.”

ControlScan managed security and compliance solutions help secure networks and protect payment card data, providing a more streamlined path to authentic PCI compliance. Our “We’ve Got Your Back” promise supports thousands of companies by combining deep-seated expertise with superior technologies for services such as managed UTM firewall, network log monitoring and management, and advanced endpoint security. Processors, acquirers, ISOs and payment facilitators also utilize our strategic PCI compliance programs to reduce portfolio risk and strengthen merchant relationships. Headquartered in Atlanta, ControlScan is globally connected through a worldwide base of customers, partners and strategic alliances. For more information about our company and its solutions, please visit ControlScan.com.

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