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NACHA Announces Volante Technologies as a Preferred Partner for Accelerated Payments Integration and Processing

HERNDON, VA - NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association® has announced Volante Technologies as a Preferred Partner for Accelerated Payments Processing and Integration. NACHA Preferred Partners are a select group of innovators that contribute to NACHA’s strategic efforts in support of the payments ecosystem at large by removing friction, increasing ease, accessibility and efficiency, as well as supporting sound risk management and security for ACH payments. Volante was selected as a Preferred Partner because of its robust suite of payments applications for financial institutions and businesses aimed at solving the electronic payments challenges faced by today’s industry stakeholders.

“Financial institutions and corporates have been thrust into a new digital payments environment that requires speed, efficiency and flexibility,” said Jane Larimer, chief operating officer of NACHA. “As such, banks and businesses are looking for ways to easily adapt to meet the rapidly evolving market. Volante’s suite of payments solutions enables banks and businesses to quickly and cost effectively address the challenges of a changing environment, remain competitive, and quickly take advantage of the new opportunities that may arise.”

Volante’s VolPay Suite provides financial institutions and corporates with a collection of software applications designed specifically to accelerate all aspects of payments validation, enrichment, processing, orchestration, and integration with other dependent applications. The suite is comprised of products that help financial institutions and corporate enterprises deal with the most pressing challenges in payments today by reducing the time and cost of payment transformation projects, irrespective of back-end system, payment engine, payment orchestration hub, or middleware infrastructure.

“Efficient payment service integration, enhancement or optimization within corporate enterprises and financial institutions is key to being able to thrive in the digital payments age,” said Uday S. Thakur, co-founder and chief technology officer of Volante Technologies. “Our products allow our clients to meet the digital era head on with expediency, reliability, security and flexibility. We are thrilled to serve as a NACHA Preferred Partner to help ensure all banks and businesses have the agility they need to meet and exceed the demands digital payments are generating.”

NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association is a nonprofit organization that convenes hundreds of diverse organizations to enhance and enable electronic payments and financial data exchange within the U.S. and across geographies. Through development of rules, standards, governance, education, advocacy, and in support of innovation, NACHA’s efforts benefit the providers and users of those systems. NACHA leads groups focused on API standardization, authors the Quest Operating Rules for EBT and is also the steward of the ACH Network, a payment system that universally connects all U.S. bank accounts and facilitates the movement of money and information. In 2017, there was a total of nearly 26 billion ACH transactions. Of these, 21.5 billion ACH payments valued at $47 trillion moved across the ACH Network, and more than 4 billion were on-us transactions within financial institutions.

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