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Speedway Convenience Stores, Fifth Third Bank and Cardtronics Partner to Place Fifth Third Brand on Over 800 ATMs

HOUSTON, TX – Fifth Third Bank will soon expand its brand presence in key markets while improving cardholder convenience by placing its brand on more than 800 Cardtronics ATMs at Speedway convenience stores throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Cardtronics, the world’s largest ATM owner / operator, is the exclusive provider of ATM services to Speedway convenience stores.

“Fifth Third understands that our customers don’t want to pay to access their own money. Now when our customers walk into Speedway convenience stores in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, they will see our Fifth Third-branded ATMs,” said Jim Sutton, Director of Physical Distribution Strategy for Fifth Third Bank. “We always want to make banking more convenient for our customers and Cardtronics’ ATM branding program is one more way to do that.”

Over 800 Speedway convenience stores are located within the bank’s core markets, enabling Fifth Third to quickly expand its branded customer touch points by approximately 480 ATMs in Ohio, 230 in Indiana, and 135 in Kentucky. Commencing immediately, Cardtronics will begin outfitting its ATMs with Fifth Third branding at those 800-plus Speedway convenience store locations. Fifth Third first established an ATM services relationship with Cardtronics in 2016 by joining the company’s Allpoint ATM network, which offers convenient cash access at 55,000 ATMs worldwide.

“Cardtronics has a unique ability to introduce an easier way to provide cash access through our Allpoint ATM network at top retail locations like Speedway,” said Brian Bailey, Cardtronics Managing Director – North America. “After we provide the introduction, then we build on that relationship, creating a mutually beneficial connection between our financial institution and retail partners, and ultimately helping the bank ensure their brand experience is highly visible at their cardholder’s most-valued and -visited retail ATM destinations.”

ATM cash access is a matter of convenience that customers are looking for in Speedway stores. Working in partnership with Cardtronics and Fifth Third deepens Speedway’s relationship with Fifth Third customers, and encourages them to think of Speedway convenience stores in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky as part of the Fifth Third financial services network.

Bailey continued, “The introduction of Fifth Third-branded ATMs at select Speedway locations demonstrates the essential nature of convenient cash access as a banking service, and the importance of a bank’s brand being physically present and seen at our premium retail ATM locations.”

Making ATM cash access convenient where people shop, work, and live, Cardtronics is at the convergence of retailers, financial institutions, prepaid card programs, and the customers they share. Cardtronics provides services to over 230,000 ATMs in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. Whether Cardtronics is driving foot traffic for top retailers, enhancing ATM brand presence for card issuers, or expanding card holders' surcharge-free cash access, Cardtronics is convenient access to cash, when and where consumers need it. Cardtronics is where cash meets commerce.

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